Plan for Retirement- 13 Tips

  • plan  when how and where you will retire;
  • return a faithful tithe,10% of all your increase;
  • start saving  10% of your salary (better on gross income than on net income);
  • buy Term Life Insurance and invest the rest;
  • join a Superannuation Fund or purchase a Pension Plan;
  • contribute to the National Insurance Fund or similar program;
  • contribute to the National Housing Trustor similar housing savings program;
  • buy Life, Disability  and Dismemberment Insurance;
  • write a Will and make sure your partner does too;
  • stay married, it gets too complicated to split assets when you do not;
  •  keep your job, but if not, do not spend your pension but rather transfer it to another Pension Fund;
  • plan kids’ Education Funding early in their lives;
  • homeschool children to Primary level and invest what you save from fees deferred.

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