I am a Nervous Wreck, Some Days

via Daily Prompt: Nervous

Just over a month now I made an investment in an online marketing business.

When you are about to dive into the deep blue or face a storm in the middle of nowhere will cause some jittery feelings, perhaps even diarrhea.  Nervousness to the point of shaking, having a fever, chattering of the teeth and yes I mean cold sweat. That has been my experience after doing it.

The way its works is a lot like network marketing, but with a twist.  In the network marketing that I am familiar with, what with having tried out Amway, Symmetry and Herbal Life and failed miserably at all three. The idea is that I would buy into a “franchise” selling a particular product. I would then sponsor others into the same business and they would duplicate what I do. Each sponsor would create a downline network from whose business he/she would profit. Almost in every case, the person at the apex of the group would benefit most. I like network marketing because it involves personal selling so there was no need for me to have a block-and-mortar business. We get to attend lots of events and workshops held in fabulous hotels wherever in the world, we choose to go.

But this current business has a twist. The product we sell is a series of e-learning courses divided into tiers. So depending on how I want to be positioned I have to buy the franchise for that level. I then get trained up to that level. In turn, I market and earn commissions, on sales up to my level. Or, some variation of that idea. I decided to go to an intermediate level. I went to my bank and took a loan to make the purchase. But, I have not been so nervous in my life about it.

All I can think about is what if I do not make enough money every month to pay back my have dogged me for the last couple of weeks. Lord help me! I am a nervous wreck.



  1. Verns · April 4, 2017

    I hope it will work out for you I am praying with you for a nice ROI.


    • karehm · April 27, 2017

      Thank you, Verna for your kind words. Sorry, I took so long to reply.


  2. marvaseaton · April 8, 2017

    Hope it works out for you. For the most part business is often taking risks and hope that it turns out right.

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