My First Blog Post

I have wanted to write for a long time, but could never find the time (no pun intended).

I can no longer endure the hum-drum of the job, so I will use my precious time to do what I love-write. I spent fifteen years  of my working life selling life insurance and advising my prospective clients and customers about the importance of savings and investment to secure the future for themselves and their children.I learned an awful lot about people-their pains, their fears and their triumphs.

My blogs will be about people’s lives, especially my own. No subject is out of bounds I will write about anything and everything .  Experience is one heck of a teacher and after many ups and downs in the journey through this Earth, my heart is heavy with emotional and spiritual burdens . I will seek to unload much of it as I write,some of you may find a chord with what i have to say.  Enjoy!



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