As I laid there on top of the covers  getting a little hug with his arm covered up I got to thinking about some of his habits that irk me. Now don’t get me wrong, I love this guy. We have come a long way, baby. But he has some bad habits that I believe every woman gets disgusted about.


I’m cold, but the fan/air conditioner  is on

I woke up this morning  and I just pulled up close to my honey for a little contact . No ulterior motives. I just wanted to cuddle. But here is the thing now. He was curled up under the covers with the fan blaring  on the highest speed and I was on top of the covers not feeling particularly cold. I was enjoying the coolness . So he said I should get under the covers cause he is cold.  Darn!

Seat Cover always uptoiletseat

Speak the truth ladies, don’t you hate it when he leaves the toilet lid up?  Picture this, it’s four in the morning you wake up to go, shuffle into the bathroom not even wishing to turn on the light, lest you disturb his slumber and deprive him of his precious rest and plop down on the toilet to pee. Ugh! Your fanny hits water! Geez man. The toilet seat is up!.

Toilet roll emptyempty-toilet-roll

So you reach for the toilet roll to try to alleviate the situation . But  all you feel is cardboard, the tissue is roll is empty. So now you do the next best thing. You take a wash. Thank God  I live in an older house that still has a bidet.


Whose Towel is this

Now your butt is wet and you now have to turn on the light and  wait for the water to warm up so you can take a wash. Your sleep is disturbed by now and you are just vexed. Am I getting it so far?  Now  you wash off and reach for your favorite towel to dry off and low and behold it is all damp.  Why? He never uses his own towel. He always uses mine. Come on! I do not know about you but I like my own towel. I hate it when anyone, and I mean anyone uses my towel.

I know I am not alone in these particular peeves, and there are others, yet I am not sharing anything else today. Perhaps you can add your pet peeve to keep this discussion lively.



1/25/2017 7:59 AM  Karen VMorgan



  1. marvaseaton · January 31, 2017

    Welcome to the blogging community Karen. I hope you will find it an enjoyable experience.


  2. Esther Lambert · February 2, 2017

    So true. Simple little issues that can mushroom into major problems. How we speak about them can make or break our relationships. Great to have someone from our culture blogging about relationships. 👍🏽


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